Sunday, July 13, 2008


PH  0761 4004731
674, Dutt Mandir Road, 
Kacchiyana Chowk,
 Gol Bazar.
 Phone : 2400464, 9827433108 
1525,Near Stadium,
Wright Town

Phone : +91 - 761 - 2400022, 2400028, 4005358
Fax : +91 - 761 - 4218117
Email : (For enquiry),
Location Map : Google Map 
Branch - rampur chowk
Mobile : +91 - 8349992505

Opp. Madan Mahal Police Station,
Home Science College RoadNapier Town,
Jabalpur, M.P. - 482 001
Phone and Fax : +91 - 761 - 4010817, 4016999
Email :
Phone Numbers: (0761) 4010817, 4016999, 09893381007, 09827316029. 
1010, Gajanan Society,
MR-4 Garha Road,
Jabalpur - 02
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +91-761-4012350

FAX: +91-761-4012350
Email: info[at]


Address: 1st Floor, Nayan Tower,
 Near Madan Mahal Police Station,
 Shivaji Chowk, Napier Town,
 Jabalpur (MP)-482002,
 Madhya Pradesh 
Phone:0761 606 0660 Ph No.: 8120005717

PH - 0761 - 2451611

8.Bansal Classes 
behind mehta petrol pump
labour chowk
yadav colony
jabalpur mp
phone -  90985 02945 

PH 0761-4003534, 9893033986

in front of madan mahal police station
home sc college road,madan mahal
jabalpur mp
ph  0761 6453555
  • Mob: +91-9302168588

Plot No. 211 & 211A,
Opp. Madan Mahal Police Station,
 Madan Mahal,
 Jabalpur - 482001, M.P.
 Ph No: (0761)-3945454


Anonymous said...

Yar i've heard of Mad IIT or something like this, could u plz tell me,the location of this institute..

Anonymous said...

in jabalpur radiance is much much better than momentum
reason :
1.) among 7 centres in m.p momentum produced total 60-65 results while radiance alone in jabalpur produced 40-50 selection in iit
2.) facalties of radiance are of fitjee which is one of best institute in india

Anonymous said...

No, in my view MOMENTUM is the best coaching in Jabalpur for IIT & Medical both.

(1)In 2012, they have produced total 68 selections in IIT-JEE out of which 48(Highest in City) are from JABALPUR centre.

(2) The only institute in jabalpur which has IITians Faculty having teaching experience at leading institutes of kota & Delhi.

(3) They have 3 to 4 faculty in each subject to ensure proper attention on each student.

(4) Regular test, doubt removal sessions, library with reading room are some important features of MOMENTUM which help in selection of a student

Apoorva said...

MOMENTUM is the best. They have high profile faculty team - unmatched in Jabalpur. Radiance usually includes many students in selection list who actually studied at Kota.They simply inflate their selection figures.

way2 college said...

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Anonymous said...

hey, momentum is nothin before radiance its faculity is awesome
has momentum made any selections in MIT or ISI or so??????The answer is NO.
in ISI total 96 children got selected in india amongst which 4 are from MP and 3 are from Radiance BEAT THAT.

Anonymous said...

Neither momentum nor radiance coaching is worth publishing fake results since their commencement and results of all the coachings namely momentum, radiance, daryani and lodhi classes and many coaching classes of kota and delhi are under investigation in the high court of jabalpur in WP 11673 of 2009.

Shishir Sapkal said...

radiance has never made any of the fake results like momentum.
only radiance is the coaching institute in jabalpur which can actually simplify ur success.

Aaditya said...

Momentum is better than radiance.No Shortage of faculty & better doubt sessions.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

MOMENTUM is your mother

Anika Sharma said...

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Sonali Sharma said...

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Anonymous said...

Though Radiance publishes less fake results compare to Momentum, their conversion ratio is very poor. Their JEE Advance 2015 result speaks for itself. With the coming of national players in Jabalpur, the coaching scenario looks interesting. Bansal Classes Jabalpur has supposedly given best rank of Jabalpur in JEE Advance 2015 with total 15 selections (good ratio) + 9 AIPMT selections. Resonance has done well in NTSE and Olympiad sections and Aakash has also entered in the scene with their grand marketing skills. Momentum's future looks in danger while Radiance is getting tough academic competition from likes of Bansal and Reso who provides 100% faculty team from Kota. Let us see what future has in stores !

Anonymous said...

MOMENTUM is the best. They have high profile faculty team - unmatched in Jabalpur. Radiance usually includes many students in selection list who actually studied at Kota.They simply inflate their selection figures.

Apto inn said...

Well written. I enjoyed this blog post. It was inspiring and informative. nata coaching centres in chennai

Anonymous said...

The no.they give u is quite incorrect buddy .... U just dont believe in what other say and radiance I would prefer than momentum because it seriously Has low standards what will u do of doubt removal session of d faculty aren't good enough said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your views. Amazing post. Helps me a lot.

Anonymous said...

momentum is worst institution I ever seen first they hired Ashish Dhanuka for maths and when you give full fees then they give worst teacher ever Atul Tamrakar

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right My school teacher is better than Atul Tamrakar Sir.

Anonymous said...

Did they change teacher as per students complain

Anonymous said...

No,when you give full fees Momentum will not change teacher on your complain.If you complain then that stupid teacher Atul Tamrakar will teach you whole year.

Anonymous said...

momentum has offered my cousin to advertise for them and he is not from kota not from momentum

Anonymous said...

momentum's faculties are well educated but they don't know how to teach students (Atul Tamrakar Sir)

Anonymous said...

May be radiance faculties are of fiitjee but momentum faculties are of much greater experience
One chemistry teacher is a PhD and has a great approach over students mindsets another chemistry sir is much trained and also worked at marvelous IIT institutes like Allen and resonance
Physics faculty is an IIT Khragpur graduated personality whose teaching experiences and thoughts are amazing
Maths faculty is also well and much trained over teaching to students They have a great approach over students and know very well how to explain students about concepts

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